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Our in-depth understanding of the technical qualities of our materials enables us to develop solutions with the properties required for every application. We understand the behavioural complexity of our materials. We use this to develop products designed to achieve maximum performance and to facilitate their use. What's your sector?

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We are proud creators of our own technologies – meeting the needs of a range of industries. Our solutions are based on knowledge of our materials, their properties and their wide range of applications.

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When we sleep, our bodies recover and restore themselves through several phases that occur during the sleep cycle.

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Screen printing + Information

Screen printing (mouse pads)

At ADETEX FOAM GROUP, we make latex foam for mouse pads, wrist rests, magnets and a range of other similar items.

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Orthopaedics + Information


ADETEX FOAM GROUP foams stand out for their sensational feel, excellent cushioning and good anti-slip properties. We have latex and polyurethane foams for the orthopaedic sector, both of which are breathable.


We also make high-quality orthopaedic seats.
Check out our range of foams for the application you want.

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Technical foams + Information

Technical foams

Manufactured in rolls or sheets and covering the entire range of features to provide maximum comfort to any type of footwear, including sporting, safety and fashion footwear.

We give our foams a range of treatments: anti-static, anti-bacterial, active carbon, etc.

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Given that the quality of the final product is fundamentally linked to the material used in its manufacture, Adetex Foam Group guarantees the excellence of its raw materials, with backing from the major multinationals, meeting the strictest quality testing.

Properties that make the difference

All additives used are of the highest quality. Find out more.

Active carbon