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  • Exterior of the factory: we are at Partida del Boch 69, Crevillente - Alicante (Spain)

    Exterior of the factory: we are at Partida del Boch 69, Crevillente - Alicante (Spain)

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  • Overview of the facility

    Overview of the facility

Adetex Foam Group

Manufacturer of latex foam, polyurethane (HD), memory foam and memory foam pillows

Adetex Foam Group commenced operations in 1992. From the outset, we have grown continuously to become an industry leader, with the most competitive product offering available. We are currently experiencing strong national and international growth, supplying our products to important multinational customers who are testament to the quality of our products.

Over the years, Adetex Foam Group has invested significantly in R&D, thereby becoming a leading company in the current market.

We are manufacturers. VISCOLATEX® is an innovative product based on 100% latex, a high-quality material that moulds to the body and provides a feeling of weightlessness, relieving pressure on the shoulders, hips, arms, knees, etc. This enables the body to rest in a position completely free of pressure. Comprising millions of open cells, latex foam promotes perfect air circulation and does not retain moisture (these are two essential rules for perfect hygiene).

Memory foam is a polyurethane foam with "memory" properties. This foam behaves differently depending on its temperature. It is firm when cold and becomes softer as it heats up. This foam adapts to the body, efficiently dissipating pressure, which enables it to be used for various medical and sleep applications.

What distinguishes us from other memory foam manufacturers is our ability to manufacture to order, enabling us to produce foam with a range of qualities, such as GEL, ACTIVE CARBON, FIRE-RESISTANT, ANTI-BACTERIAL, ETC. and in different colours. We manufacture in D-40 and D-50 densities, both in rolls, sheets or blocks.

Welcome to Adetex Foam Group

Environmentally aware

ADETEX's environmental awareness is reflected in our waste management program, which complies with the regulations in force.


COMERCIAL DE LATEX Y VISCO S.L. (Adetex Foam Group) has obtained the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 label, certifying that the foam it manufactures is not hazardous to the health of humans or the environment.


As part of our product and service quality management process, ADETEX holds IVAC INSTITUTO DE CERTIFICACIÓN (IVAC CERTIFICATION INSTITUTE) and UNE EN ISO 9001:2015 certification.

The guarantee of a large company


Backed by over 25 years as a latex industry benchmark


Our team assesses and advises to offer solutions and alternatives based on the customer's needs


We strive to make things easier for our customers. We understand your needs.

Maximum quality

The quality materials and finishes used in our products mark us out from the rest.

Adetex is associated with:
AITEX textile research institute
INESCOP footwear technological institute